I would call myself an abstract expressionist.  I use painting as a tool for channeling and expressing thoughts and feelings through. Usually when I paint, it is raw, impulsive and impossible to plan. I always know where to start, but I do not know where to end. Each painting is entirely unique in colour, marks, strokes and materials. My work represents a different moment and could be seen as a timeline to my life. I am fascinated in colour theory, and understanding how the act pf physically making can release emotional and subconscious thought. 

Geometric shapes, colour and physical movement are some of the main elements I use in creating an artistic language to channel myself through. I am interested in relationships and roles, how one subject can influence another or create a new meaning when it is part of a collective. The symmetry found in platonic shape presents a reliable definition so I use these for sending conceptual messages to a viewer. My sculptural work begins with a concept which drives the materials I chose. Whether it be glass, steel, plastic or acrylic, the material has concepts which hints towards core topics I am addressing, such as transparency or honesty with the medium of clear glass.

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