Welcome to my Gallery, 

This is a closer snapshot at my current studio walls and the work I have recently created, some still a work in progress!

My canvas paintings range from 26cm in length to 150cm. I also make mountable paintings which are available to have framed, if that is more your vibe!

You will find that I work across 4 main different styles and colours, something for every mood!


I use mixed media, acrylic, ink, emulsion, mediums and glosses. Each canvas is primed and sealed. My smaller mounted works are on 400gsm heavyweight textured paper and also sealed with a gloss.

Below, you will see some on my works from my first ever launch project in Sept 2019. 

Again, thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my work! 


For enquiries on artworks, or to see current inventory, please visit 

'S H O P'.or contact me on