E C U M E N I C A L  B A L A N C E  I

Barnes Building 

Glasgow 2017


Studying platonic shapes led me down a spiritual path, I read a lot about cosmological circles, symbolism, astrology and astronomy This photograph was an artistic response to my research over 3 months. I recreated constellations of the Northern Hemisphere using a needle and black PVC. I mounted this onto a wooden frame which took the form of a pyramid. It was here that I developed my idea's for Ecumenical Balance II and Equilibrium. I used LED lighting and darkness to emulate a sense of space. The concrete wall conveniently mimicking the surface of a planet. 

"The warmth of sentiment and emotion, unsupported by the truth of mathematics, is the song without music, poetry without rhythm, and art without harmony.”

​​​​- Lydia Bell, The Path – August 1887