' I L L U M I N E S C E N T  S E E D S '

Overtoun House, Woodlands Trust



This public art installation began by investigating the properties of  the Rhododendron Shrub. A nuisance plant invading the local lands. This  light installation drew attention to the beauty of the shurb by casting it in clear resin for permanent existence. Resin was used to portray a stillness and a vulnerability, a contrast to what is seen as a invasive seedpod. To make this a public experience, 12 casts were secured into a woodland landscape, illuminated with LED lighting of colours the seed would have bloomed into had it not been part of a mass eradication project in the UK. Conceptually, this work was to be viewed at night, in daylight it would easily be missed, highlighting the lack of knowledge the general public have on the danger these shrubs pose to other botanics. 

Kayleigh McGuinness and Fionn Corbett