The first out of a new series of work in 2020. 


A one metre squared, 35mm deep, mixed media, acrylic, emulsion, and gloss painting.


The meaning behind the work;


A new process reveals marks and results unseen in my previous work. Following a career break in 2019, I took some time to live and work in Barcelona. Besides my personal journey, the political rise of Catalan independence supporters, resulted in police riots near my studio. I experienced the tense atmosphere in the city which came through in my work. I then travelled from Western Australia to Southern Australia in a small van during the devastating bushfire season which turned out to be catastrophic, destroying homes and taking thousands of lives. Having explored new lands and travelled over seas, I absorbed new art forms and styles which helped me develop an interest in textures. I returned to my home studio in Glasgow in the midst of Coronavirus outbreak and made this work. An array of colour is seen here from the background of blue watery hues, covered by moss green land mass shapes and golden sandy beaches. Some of the same movments are also seen in painting, 'WTF' providing a bridge between now and its time of making in Barcelona. I used a thick emulsion to dry out which revealed cracks, this could represent the current economic and political systems across the globe.